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What's Happening

Bellydance classes for all levels of experience.

Thes classes are fun, full of energy and very good exercise for woman's body. You will learn basic moves, combinations and choreographies, and  gradually work your way to performing, when you are ready.

Chakradance Kids Primary Program(TM) for childeren between 5 to 9 years old. Children are gently guided to express their inner worlds, feelings and experiences through stories, movement and art. Through epic soundscapes, they are invited to explore their sense of identity and integrating the whole being: body, mind, energy and spirit.

Class Location:

The Witches Charm                  THURSDAY 6pm to 7pm

458 The Esplanade

Warners Bay, NSW 2282

(Entry via Back Door)

Class Location:

Home Studio

2A Bucklee Crescent                 Sundays by appointment

Warners Bay, NSW 2282

Pastel Gradient

Banat Baharaya Troupe

Our performance group has been formed in 2024 by Michaela under the guidance of Amera Aid. The members are passionate about bellydance, their jouyful personalities and graceful dance style shine on the stage and bring a lot of fun to parties. 


Veil & Drum solo performance

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